The first english post of mayores de hoy – Elders of today– Design for elderly in Mexico–

First of all I need to say that my english is not great, but what we want to di is reach more and more people interested in aging, gerontodesign, aging well… aging in place. It is a little sad that here in Mexico the academic field is not prepared for the gerontodesign, still being people that said : ” if this is design for elderly, what thing makes me notice that is for elderly?” – the people used to think that the gerontodesign or design for elderly needs to “shout” ” I’m a product for the elderly people”, but we know that it is wrong. So, is sad that people that have years and years of experience at the design area said those things …don’t you think?.


Now the mexican designer are in a fight … they need to be heard and need to be counted as a professionals not only as a people that make some nice things, the design area in Mexico needs to be analyzed in order to be more effective. Mayores de Hoy (this blog) borns because the need of talking about this, the gerontodesign, the aging process and the environment, we are not gerontologist, we are designers, we studied the relation between the objects and the people, the ambient, the space and the person. Here, in Mayores de Hoy, we think that talk about the design for elderly is a big task which needs to be done right know.



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