Rhythm Sticks

This is awesome!
Esto es genial, la músico terapia aplicada a la demencia de una manera bastante distante a lo que se hace hoy en día, un ejemplo sobre como el diseño industrial puede mejorar la vida de las personas con demencia.

Drumming Out Dementia

These objects are the result of a psychological investigation into familiarity and the use of transitional objects with dementia patients. With conventional instruments being intimidating to the amateur player the Rhythm Sticks offer physical and mental support utilising the archetype of a walking stick and introduces a musical application. These were created in response to the insight of how residents contributed during sessions by tapping their walking sticks on the floor in time to the music.

How does it work?

By tapping the stick on the floor, the Cajon/trolley is played by the music therapist to lead the session.

rythm sticks

sticks alone

anton cajon

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