Building Smart Technology For An Aging Population

When today’s older adults were kids, owning a television was considered a luxury. Personal computers had yet to be conceptualized, and rotary-style landline phones were the norm. Decades later, both technology and its impact on aging have reshaped our lives.In today’s technology landscape, devices that once seemed like science fiction are now being used to help make people’s lives safer, healthier and more enjoyable as they age.

Certain technologies are ensuring that older adults can be independent and healthy. But as a technology company, how do you ensure that you’re designing products that take into consideration the needs of the senior population? Additionally, how do you ensure that they’re affordable and useful for your entire audience?Technology For Older Adults And Family CaregiversAlthough older adults are often considered less technologically savvy than younger generations, they are becoming more digitally connected than ever before. This is important, especially since research conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2034, adults 65 and older will outnumber children for the first time in history.

Older adults and their family caregivers are more readily adopting technology that can support their shared goals: longevity, quality of life, independence, connection to friends and family, and safety. As a result, they are embracing new tools as a part of everyday life.With these criteria, where do you start when designing a product or service for this audience?• Know the challenges that face older adults. When designing products for older adults, it’s mission-critical that companies take into account the challenges that their customer base is presented with each day. Developers often lose sight of what end users in the longevity market really need; they should be focusing on the older adults themselves. Whether it be sensory functions such as vision or hearing, motor skills or cognitive changes, age-related challenges are an important factor when older adults are making decisions on technology

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