Color and Healing

By: Sheila J. Bosch, PhD, LEED AP, EDAC Rosalyn Cama, FASID, EDAC Eve Edelstein, MArch, PhD, EDAC, AssocAIA, F-AAA It has been suggested that color has a therapeutic effect, although few empirical observations exist. Edelstein et al. (2008) reviewed citations from biomedical literature and found that while influence of the colored light on health wasSigue leyendo “Color and Healing”

Impairments of old age for which design can help

Design for dementia builds on design that is beneficial for older people in general. This section provides a brief summary of the impairments of old age for which design can help. Designing effectively for people with dementia involves first appreciating that they are mainly older, indeed often very old people, who are likely to haveSigue leyendo “Impairments of old age for which design can help”

Design principles for therapeutic garden environments

Provide sensory stimuli that is noninvasive in character to draw our attention away from the initial feeling state to an external focus. Facilitate physical and psychological movement with pathways and/or vistas through to a variety of types of spaces, thereby assisting a shift in perspective. Create areas for safe seclusion as well as social interactionSigue leyendo “Design principles for therapeutic garden environments”